Justice for Michael

Please join us in standing with Michael Ververis, victim of police brutality, on Monday February 27th   and Tuesday February 28th at 8:45 am at the Springfield District Court.  Michael was brutally assaulted by members of the Springfield Police Department a little over a year ago.  He now faces misdemeanor and felony charges.  His legal team is filing a Motion to Dismiss on the grounds that the officers involved fabricated evidence to cover-up their unwarranted violence.  Members of Justice for Michael and the Community Coalition for Justice are mobilizing for court solidarity.  Please join us by RSVPing here.

The criminal justice system thrives on secrecy and a lack of transparency.  We must shine as a bright a spotlight as possible on Michael’s case.  We stand in solidarity with the families of Michael Ververis, Charles Wilhite, Melvin Jones, and the countless other young folks – often from low-income backgrounds – that are railroaded into the criminal justice system by racist police and conviction-hungry DAs.

The hearings, which will feature testimony from many Springfield police officers, will likely take several hours both days.  Please attend what you can.  And spread the word!


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