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February 16, 2012 Trayvon Martin was hunted down and murdered by George Zimmerman. Trayvon Martin was a 17 year old person of color, who was out for a nightly snack at his local store. George Zimmerman, 29 at the time, hunted down Trayvon Martin under wrongful stereotyping. He thought Trayvon was a “threat” to his neighborhood and after repeated calls to the 911 dispatch, they told him to leave the young boy alone. He took his gun out and shot Martin.
This incident spread through the nation like wildfire, sparking peoples interest and opening their eyes to the false truth behind “post racial Amerikkka”.
Shortly there after protests started to sprout up here and there around the country. Springfield held its own protest that turned out more people than we’ve seen since the 60s (Out Now was in attendance). However this incident alone wasn’t enough to open everyone’s eyes and minds to the truth.
July 17, 2014, the New York police department had been stalking and harassing a local man, Eric Garner for selling loosies (loose cigarettes). When Garner questioned the police on their constant hounding of him, he was immediately met with severe police brutality. One of the cops even went out of their own code of conduct and put Garner in a choke hold. Garner screamed out “I can’t breath!” several times to no avail. In the end Eric Garner would lose his life. This time though, the incident was recorded and posted to the internet. Millions of people watched the horrific scene and were able to see how terrible police brutality that people of color have to face is.
August 9, 2014 Darren Wilson drove his police vehicle in front of Micheal Brown for walking in the street. When Brown did not comply to Wilson’s demands a scuffle broke out which resulted in Brown being shot while he fled and murdered while his hands were in the air, pleading “Don’t Shoot”. This struck peoples last cord and they would no longer stand idly by and allow this level of racism and police brutality continue.
Moments after the announcement of the non-indictment of Daren Wilson, Out now, Orange ink, vanguards, #blm413, and arise took to the streets to protest and show their support and solidarity to those down in Ferguson and to Brown’s family. From being within these protest and looking at them from the outside many times it has given me a new perspective on things. Chanting “Black lives matter!”, “…The whole dam system is guilty as hell”, and “We the people…” I have discovered a new sense of community and a sense of more. Quickly you realize that you cant protest without knowing of the situation, this requiring yourself to learn on matters and grow as a person. Out now has always spoken out against police brutality and strives to be at the front of this movement as it is in the front of many other movements and, over all, at the front of the social justice movement. We have been working closely with neighboring organizations and bringing the youth lgbt aspect to the movement.
It is thanks to out now that several youth are able to speak in meetings in which other wise there voices would go unheard. Now these youth are taking charge (including myself) with planning meetings and actions all across Springfield and holoyke representing out now, orange ink, and vanguards. They bring a new out look onto this movement and different ways of solving problems. The world is constantly changing and without the youth being educated and asked about these arising issues, history will tend to repeat itself. Out Now will always try its best at speaking on the oppression that are plaguing current day society and will unapologeticly bring the QUeer aspect and stand behind each comrade.

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